Become a 20# Propane Retailer

Turn unused sidewalk space into a Profit Center!

When you offer our Propane Cylinder Exchange Program you open the door to many new profit opportunities for your store.

  • Profit from the sale of propane without using valuable floor space.
  • Profit from existing customers coming into your store to buy propane.
  • Profit from customers who make an impulse buy while buying propane.
  • Profit from customers that wouldn’t have come in if you didn’t offer propane.
    (How much is a new customer worth?)

Root 66 Propane 20# Cylinder Exchange Program Highlights!

  • Easy entrance into the program. Our friendly staff will walk you through every step.
  • Low initial investment. In most cases $50.00 or less will get you started.
  • No expensive specialty equipment to buy. All you’ll need is a fire extinguisher.
  • We provide the installation of the cabinet, signage and cylinders.
  • Our automatic delivery service insures you’ll always have product to sell.
  • Attractive cabinets and signage to grab the customer’s attention.
  • Additional signage available to announce you now offer propane.
  • We consider ourselves your propane partner. We will advise you on establishing a price point to attract as many new customers as possible.
  • We are a family owned Oklahoma company with over 30 years industry experience.

Thank you for your interest in our program. We look forward to being your propane partner.

For more information please see our Questions and Answers Section below or contact our sales coordinator.